Social Media is a daily part of our personal lives so why shouldn’t it be part of your professional life? At Block 10 we understand the positive effect a great social media campaign can have on your business. We begin our process by auditing your current social media and analyse how it is working for you, and compare your content to your competitors. Now you have a strategy, you need to keep your followers engaged and develop your online community. We can look after these for you and then look at the best type of advertising on your channels to turn passive users into active ones. During this process we will make sure we are creating engaging content for you social media channels, and that it is of a high quality that reflects your company. Finally throughout the process we also provide you with analytics so you can see exactly how your content is performing and enables us to offer better advice on where to go with your content next. Block 10 can manage the whole process or if you already have a team or members of staff who post to social media, we can help to train them and show them the best way to get the engagement you are looking for. To talk to someone today call 01932 869888 Social Media Marketing and Management

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